Mosaik Karlstad – Gian and Emelie

mosaik_karlstadGianCarlo De La Paz and Emelie Brorström

Leaders for Mosaik – Karlstad

How has it been in the last few months at Mosaik?


Emelie: Gian and I started to lead this group after Jonny back in September and we started to use a new concept called DBS (Discovery Bible Study). I never was a leader before, but the DBS made leading the Mosaik group so easy.  We pray, read the Bible, discuss, and think about what the verses from the Bible mean.


We’ve seen a lot of people coming this year, really good fellowship, friends really hanging out together!


We start with Fika, meet each other, we go around and mention what we are thankful for, and then start the DBS. We divide the big group into smaller groups and discuss some prepared questions that relate to the Bible text of the evening. Gian and I swap back and forth leading the group. Our goal is to help people to want to grow as disciples, really to grow into discipleship.


What is nice is that Gian and I co-lead so we can lean on each other and meet 2 times the amount of people, the shared load means that we are ready to lead every two weeks!


Karlstad Mosaik

Karlstad  – Mosaik

Gian: I think that the DBS gives us structure to our group. It gives people something to expect every week. The feedback has been great. People know what they are coming for, and they are certainly coming for it!


So who has been showing up to Mosaik? Students? Working?


Gian: So, some are studying at the University, some are studying at Komvux, and then we have a few who are working as well. Occasionally we will have some old people come on in! We have people we just meet in the streets from different cultures, not from Sweden at all, non-believers and people from different faiths as well. People from Turkey, Camaroon, Kenya, Iran, Philippines, Iraq, Ethiopia, Finland and of course Sweden! Many are Swedish!


You mentioned going out to the streets at night, Kyrkan på Stan! What are you doing with that?


Emelie: We have a guy at our group who has a heart to reach out to the city, so we join him in that, seeing that his vision to help others is important. We want to go out into the streets to help him as well. Also, what good is it for us to ask people to do something if we as leaders don’t do that as well?


This is inspiring. You don’t have a stage, no light show, no huge sound system, yet the 25 people at Mosaik tonight are living as church. You have each other, food, questions, and Jesus in the middle.


Emelie: We are meeting at the church now, and next is the campus. We are meeting at church now to begin, and now are looking to do something with our mid-sized group. We aren’t a small group, but we are ready to go out to the campus!