Mosaik Karlstad Ministry Trip

Hello, everyone!

A few weeks ago, a group of us from Mosaik Karlstad traveled to Borlänge Pentecostal church. We partook in seminars with Morgan Carlsson and then spent time serving the church. It was a blessed trip where we got to know each other better and even made new friends!

At the first meeting, our own Emelie Brorström shared her experiences of God’s unfailing grace. We were all very encouraged by her words. After the meeting we hung out with the teenagers in their awesome basement over popcorn, sandwiches and tea!

On Saturday, together with some of the church people, we went to a nearby refugee housing. There we were able to speak with many refugees and played with the children. It was so nice to get the opportunity to sit down and share our life experiences with each other. It was a very cold day, but we braved the weather and played outside – even the church teens joined! Hanna Blomberg told her story of how she received a spiritual gift from God in a most wonderful way.

On the last day in Borlänge, GianCarlo De La Paz had the great opportunity to share his powerful testimony and about his journey from Catholicism.

Throughout the weekend, we got to listen to Morgan Carlsson, to be uplifted by bold, strong sermons. We were left feeling both challenged and encouraged.

This was a great experience! It was wonderful to spend time together, and to get to know more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are so happy that we were able to travel to Borlänge and felt very welcomed.

I think most of us would love to do something similar again. It doesn’t take much, really! A little effort goes a long ways!

Blessings, Victoria Ekerljung                                                                                                                                                together with Simon Carlsson, Jacob Carlsson, Celine Sund Støldal, Hanna Blomberg, Emelie Brorström and GianCarlo De La Paz

Mosaik Karlstad meets every Wednesday at 18 for a time prayer, bible study and fellowship. If you are a student or young adult in Karlstad, you are very welcome to join!