Nyhem:UNG 2016


In June, Elina, Melodie and I had the opportunity to serve at Nyhem:Ung. We are part of the team working with Mosaik Malmö. Nyhemsveckan is a week long family conference outside of Jönköping. It always starts with a youth weekend called Nyhem:Ung.

Together with a team from Huskvarna we helped out at Café Yava for young adults and students. We helped setting up the same room for a couple of seminars about ministry for Young Adults and Students. At one of these seminars, Elina was interviewed about how she was called into student ministry in Malmö. We were also helping out in the main meetings at Nyhem:Ung as members of the intercession team, and we were were blessed to see God touching the people we prayed with and for.

Though we had a very busy weekend, we had a great time!

See you next year at Nyhem:Ung!

Blessings, Johnny

Johnny Danielsen, is part of a team working with Mosaik Malmö. He is originally from Trondheim, Norway, and enjoys being creative.