Mosaik Malmö – 2016 Highlights

Mosaik Malmö has been running for one year now. It’s been a good year. Here are some highlights from our fall.

Kickoff Week

The kickoff week at campus was an intense week. We started early, the week before by having two
“Fika2go”, to meet some of the new international students. During these two weeks we met several new students, both from abroad and from Sweden, that have now become part of Mosaik Malmö. In addition we had an event we called “Grilling Frisbee”, where we went to one of Malmö’s many parks and had a BBQ-picnic and played some outdoors games. We ended the kickoff week with a photographic “treasure hunt” at church.  The task was finding different motifs that needed to be photographed in and outside the building. It was quite a success, and many funny pictures were taken!


Our Coffee to go has been a great meeting point. We serve coffee and cookies on campus and has been a fun way to meet many students, – many are curious about who we are and why we give out free coffee. Several of the students that are coming to Mosaik, we met first through Fika2go

Mosaik Night

Mosaik Night is one the core events of Mosaik Malmö. While during the spring we had only one of these events every month, we have now been coming together once every week. We have a focus on building the fellowship, in addition to enjoying both physical and spiritual food together.

Prayer on Campus

New this fall was that Mosaik Malmö had our own prayer meetings on campus. Earlier we joined
another group, but we didn’t have the opportunity to do so this fall. On the other side we are happy
that there is more prayer on the campus, and we do think prayer is a core value of what Christianity


In the middle of October Mosaik Malmö held a seminar about reaching students. The seminar was
called “Impact the University – Impact the World”, and it was a big success. The seminar was taught by different members of our team. We had five students on the seminar, in addition to a couple of others that visited for some of the time.

Other events

During this fall we have also had other events like movie nights, game nights and other hangouts. We had a team from Maastricht in the Netherlands coming to help us out for a week.


In the end of November we had a 24 prayer event, where different people signed up for an hour or
two where they would be praying for the ministry. During this event we had a creative prayer and
worship evening. Some of our students came to us very excited that evening, telling us that they
coincidentally (Godincidentally?) found some other Christians in their respective classes, and our
students were very eager to be allowed to invite them to a Mosaik Night. Originally we had planned
we would have had our last Mosaik Night for that semester already, but that plan was quickly
changed to allow for one more night. At the same time these students said they were interested in
giving more time and effort to the ministry. One of them mentioned that they (the students) needed
to become more conscious about sharing the things we put out on Mosaik Malmö’s webpage.

The spring semester

This coming semester will bring some changes to the Mosaik Malmö leadership. Mélodie will be a student this semester, studying one or two classes, which will take some of her time.
We are excited that the students will join in more on the ministry itself, taking some of the tasks that the team has been responsible for before. We will also get some help from the team in Copenhagen, both for training and mentoring.

Training will be one of our main focuses this semester; both through continuing the Mosaik Night,
mentoring the students and giving more responsibility to those willing and ready.
We expect this semester to be a very exciting one. Seeing students taking over more of the ministry
and getting more involved in shaping what Mosaik Malmö will become in the future. We are also
looking forward to meet many new students, and to hear their stories. Maybe will we get to make a
story together? The story of Mosaik Malmö?

We are on Facebook. Contact us for more info about when and where we are meeting. Hope to see YOU at Mosaik Malmö soon! 😀

by Johnny Danielsson

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