Mosaik Malmö + 2017 Highlights

Mosaik Night

Throughout the whole year, Mosaik Malmö has been running Mosaik Night. Mosaik Night started out this year being led by Mélodie and Johnny, but during the spring students got and took more responsibility. Sometimes we’ve had visitors from elsewhere sharing a message, other times the students themselves have taken charge of preparing and sharing a message. Though we have had one main layout of doing the nights, we have also done other things, like going out to a café, the beach, having movie nights in our homes, or creative worship events.

Prayer on Campus

One of the first things we started doing as a team in Malmö, was to start praying on the campus. This has continued during this year as well, with students taking more responsibility here as well. During this fall, the students have been in charge of booking and finding someone to share. This fall we also started having two prayer meetings, one on Monday mornings and one during lunch time on Tuesdays.


Our primary outreach event has been fika2go, where we have given out free coffee and some snacks to the students. Johnny was able to have his car down in Malmö during the fall, which enabled us to do it almost every Wednesday in September and a couple of times in August as well. We find this an effective way to have many great conversations with students we otherwise would not have met or had the chance to speak with.

Other events

We’ve also had other events outside the weekly schedule. During the spring we focused on preparing our student leaders. While during this fall we had several students going through the Gospel of Wholeness. We’ve also had gaming and hangout nights, a Taco Night, movie nights and worship events.

The team

The team started out with Mélodie and Johnny and some students being interested in taking responsibility. During the spring, the focus was on preparing the students and giving them more responsibilities. Daniela from Copenhagen has made trips almost every week to meet with the students here and to ensure continued mentorship for them. Mélodie finished her term in Malmö in the beginning of June, and since them Johnny has been keeping things together. He has encouraged the students to take on leadership and preparing many of the events during this last semester, as well as being a stable factor in a relatively chaotic schedule on the university. (The school do not have a set weekly schedule, the schedule changes every week.) So when the students either have not been able to come or been too busy to be able to prepare anything, he has stepped in instead.


At the end of the semester the students have taken initiative to some very interesting plans for reaching out to their fellow students on the campus. We are still early in the planning phase for this, though we want to try to book a lecture hall and present something for students on the campus. We are currently working on figuring out the topics and the practicalities for this.

If you are a student in Malmö, we welcome you to join us:

Tuesdays 1615-1645 – Prayer on Campus
Wednesdays 1700-1730 – Prayer on Campus
Wednesdays 1800-2100 – Mosaik Night

Blessings from your team in Malmö:

Johnny Danielsen, Daniela Cristan (Copenhagen), Aylin Weber, Bea Hänninen, Caroline Wallström, Lovisa Ekelund, Pernilla Wallström, Reine Nkurikiye