Here you will find downloads or links that will help you if you’re just starting out or just need some new ideas for this week’s small group topic. We also have Mosaik logos that can be used in your own publications.

Campus Leader’s Notebook

The Campus Leader’s Notebook has useful information for those in the beginning stages of student ministry.



The Basics of Campus Ministry

A compilation by Kirk Priest used in the “Reaching Today’s Student” course at Connect 2012.

Student Manual
Leader Manual


Discipleship Study Guide

The Discipleship Study Guide is an excellent source for growing together in faith.



Discipleship by Design

DbyD (english) is available as an eBook for Kindle, & Nook. You can order an eBook copy for yourself on the web via respective suppliers.

Amazon Nook
French Leader Book
French Student Book



The Z-Papers are a contribution of our dear friend Joe Zickafoose and can be used in many different settings.

Great Commission
Sharing the Gospel with Students
Partnering with the Local Church
Preparing Student Worship Gatherings
Sunday Sermon Small Groups
What is the Gospel?
Why Christians bug people with the Gospel

Small Group Bible Studies

Fruit of the Spirit Packet
Can God help me to change?
Does God expect me to go to church?
Does the Bible tell the truth?
Is God against fun?
What about other religions?
Why does God allow evil?
Why doesn’t God show himself?
Why do we need to pray?


Share Your Faith on the Internet

Share Your Faith