Connect 2017

The last Saturday of July two members of Mosaik Malmö went to a small village about an hour by train outside Berlin. We were on our way to Connect 2017, Students for Christ – Europe’s annual summer conference for students and student leaders from all over Europe.

The conference had several seminars running along the whole week, about student ministry, secularism, spiritual life and how Christians should meet gay and transsexual people with compassion without compromise. In addition we had a huge selection of different workshops, which gave us the lovely headache of having to choose between only one of several good options on each of the days with workshops.

We feel that that to come together to Connect is like a taste of Heaven. We come together from many different corners of this world, and it is more like a huge and friendly family that have come together, rather than many people that never have met most of the others. Those teaching aren’t separated from the rest of us: students, leaders, preachers, lecturers, we are all seated at the same tables. After a workshop we may sit together with those who taught to learn more, and maybe get help with anything we might felt was unclear. It isn’t uncommon that a teacher in a seminar will be a student in one of the workshops.

We also split into small groups, where we study the bible together and pray for each other. We also find some time for amusement, like different sports activities and games. For there were a quite a few that got a few more hours of Uno behind them during this week!

The worst thing with Connect is really the day of departure, when we have to say goodbye to all our new and old friends. Still, you will go home with a smile on your lips and a full and happy heart, ready for the challenges of the year.

Check out this video made by my friend Jerielle!

Blessings, Johnny

Johnny Danielsen, is part of a team working with Mosaik Malmö. He is originally from Trondheim, Norway, and enjoys being creative.